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As a contemporary artist, my focus is on exploring and addressing the emotional disconnection in today's society. Through my work, I aim to draw attention to the often neglected value of our internal beauty and to encourage a more humanistic perspective. I believe that by reconnecting with our social consciousness and encouraging introspection and compassion, we can rediscover the beauty in our lives. My goal is to create a dialogue and a space for viewers to reflect on their own emotions, and to consider the emotions of others, as a way to foster understanding and empathy. 


- Justin Suico



Crafting Emotional Connections: Chicago artist

Justin Suico's New Series

Suico's latest series showcases his exceptional craftsmanship in creating thought-provoking and emotionally resonant pieces. Through his use of vibrant colors, intricate brushwork, and dynamic compositions, Suico explores and addresses the emotional disconnection in today's society. With a focus on internal beauty, introspection, and compassion, Suico's paintings draw attention to the often-overlooked value of emotional intelligence. Join us on this journey of rediscovering the beauty in our lives and cultivating a more humanistic perspective through Suico's masterful and emotionally compelling artwork.

Meditative Gardens 

Previous series - 2019

only 2/8 left from this limited series. Buy now before they're all gone.

"Meditative Gardens" delves into the juxtaposition of urban life's rigors and the solace found in our bond with nature. Suico's canvases blend graffiti-like dynamics with floral motifs, inviting viewers into a captivating chaos that mirrors the urban-natural synergy.

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Inside the atelier

Join the journey of award-winning international artist, Justin Suico. Whether you’re looking to invest in art or for that special piece by your favorite artist, we can assist you on your discovery of fine art.




Born on December 6, 1985, 

Justin Suico is an internationally renowned visual artist hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He has gained recognition for pioneering the Art of Emotional Intelligence movement, which aims to explore emotional disconnection in today's society and foster greater understanding, empathy, and connection. Suico's unique and compelling mixed-media approach reflects the complexity and depth of our innermost thoughts and emotions, drawing inspiration from neuroscience, psychology, culture, and mental health.

With an illustrious career, Suico has exhibited his paintings in prestigious art shows and galleries around the world, including Miami's Art Basel, Boomer Gallery in London's famous London Tower Bridge, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. In 2019, Suico's artistic vision curated and produced his own event, COCO Miami, which made a cultural and artistic impact with the top private closing event of Miami's Art Basel week in South Beach. Suico has also curated multiple successful popups, including the SCOUT's VIP access party for Hollywood executives & agents from Comedy Central, ABC, Dreamworks, Netflix, WME, CAA, UTA and Paradigm.

Suico's solo show at the Elephant Room Gallery has gained much attention from TV interviews from WCIU's The JAM! and WBEZ Chicago radio, becoming the talk of the town. He has also been a finalist in the 2018 Midwest Regional Art Battle final in Chicago and ranked in the top 20 artworks at the 2017 AFLC exhibition, outranking 121 national artists as determined by prominent jurors Jerry Saltz (Senior Art Critic of New York Magazine) and Tony Carmen (President & Director of Expo Chicago).

Suico has painted in a number of international locations, including Reykjavik, Barcelona, Montreal, Florence, Rome, and Paris. He has also been a key committee member for Art for Life Chicago, which raised $80,000 for HIV research, and Saving City Tails. Additionally, Suico has assisted in developing an art program for Karam, a nonprofit organization that helps Syrian refugee children adjust to a new life in America.

His artistic vision and global recognition make him a highly sought-after artist who continues to push the boundaries of the art world.


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