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The solo show of Justin Suico premiered on August 1st, 2019, at the Elephant Room Gallery

The Origin

"Meditative Gardens" delves into the gritty truth of urban existence and the solace found in our bond with nature. Each painting unveils a tapestry of graffiti-inspired swirls entwined with floral motifs, inviting viewers into a mesmerizing cacophony that mirrors the fusion of city and wilderness. While abstract in form, the artworks convey a palpable energy and purpose.

Suico explains, "My paintings aim to confront the urban grind and narrate the tales of those who find solace and richness amidst concrete jungles. They celebrate the resilience of city-inhabitants who embrace the potential for growth and abundance through their connection with nature, no matter how constrained."

Only 2/8 left from this limited series. Buy now before they're all gone!

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